Press and Testimonials

Read an endorsement from all of the Emergency Service Responders in the region here.

Read an editorial by Bob Faunce, Lincoln County Planner.

Read an article about the BRAS center here.

Read about the new ambulance facility ground-breaking here.

A recent car accident, described here, demonstrates why changes need to be made to the Route 27 Corridor.

Bigelow endorses road improvements. Read a Letter to the Editor here.

LincolnHealth supports the Route 27 improvements. Read a letter to the editor here.

On September 1, the Boothbay Harbor Rotary Club hosted Paul Coulombe. Read about it here.

Read a September 6 Letter to the Editor by Dennis Brown here.

The Joint Economic Development Committee (JEDC) endorses the Route 27 Improvements. Here is the article.