Boothbay Village Square embodies the best of yesterday and today

A village once again

Boothbay Village Square will be a year-round destination and marketplace with charming architecture and landscaping. It will be a place for locals and for visitors, where people can enjoy walking and shopping. By creating businesses and enhancing community gathering spaces for visitors and residents, we hope to make Boothbay a destination for people young and old who want to live and work in the area that we cherish. 

Additional plans and details can be viewed by clicking the link below.



  • Boothbay Common will be untouched and will continue as wonderful community space.
  • 40 new parking spaces will be added for access to the Common.
  • Village Square Dry Cleaning is the first new business to open.
  • Other business ideas include: a general store, a cafe, a day spa,retail shops and a casual pub-style restaurant.
  • Residential apartments and professional offices will be in some second floor locations. 


  • The Village will have pleasing, regionally-appropriate architecture that will blend with the historic nature of the area.
  • Public bathrooms will be placed in a location convenient to the Common and local businesses.
  • Beautiful landscaping will enhance the welcoming nature of the Village